Creating Stronger Relationships with Settlement Agencies

Jemima Sabapathy

Jemima Sabapathy

I’m excited to update you on an important project that we last wrote about in our January issue.


Last year, the Partnership Committee undertook a survey to dig into potential communication gaps between sponsor groups and settlement agencies. At the heart of this research was our interest in understanding how those two groups can work better together to support the needs of newcomers and how PRSN can help bridge any gaps.


With the data we gathered in those surveys, we developed and put in place a PRSN action plan to address issues identified in the research.  The plan covers three key areas – increased collaboration and awareness of roles, building relationships with existing and potential PRSN partners, and introduction of PRSN mission, vision and goals to IRCC policy makers around our Theory of Change.  Much of the initial work reflects improved communications around roles and responsibilities, collaboration around training events, and delivery of post-arrival information, as well as co-sponsorships and research.


For those interested in the report and its results, you can find them on the PRSN website here,  The report will be available on Re-Settlement Plus, a research platform operated by the Ottawa Research Hub, and on the IRCC research at a glance platform.


Thank you to everyone who filled out the surveys and supported this work! It will make a real difference in improving communication and relationship gaps and ultimately help make settlement more effective and efficient.