We offer an opportunity for private refugee sponsors to connect, learn and share.  We have found that sharing our experience, challenges and success goes a long way to ensure effective and efficient settlement practice.  Newcomers benefit from sponsors connecting. 


Our goal is to be the “go-to” organization, a trusted resource, where sponsors can learn from each other through collaboration with settlement agencies and experts in a variety of fields.  We want to make a difference in the lives of newcomers. 


We offer online two-hour workshops addressing issues identified by private sponsors. Topics have included understanding cultural impact, challenges in finding accommodation, dealing with health issues, accessing education certification, creating employment strategies, what ESL works best, how to address needs in smaller communities, opening a conversation around financial planning as well as child protection, mental health issues and challenges, among others. To register for our events, watch for our flyers and send us an email to

All workshops run from 10:00 am – 12:00 noon with an opportunity for connecting, learning and sharing following the formal training by joining a breakout room.

Saturday, February 24, 2024
Effective Settlement of LGBTQ newcomers
  • Acquire a better understanding of how to support LGBTQ newcomers
  • Learn how to address isolation and lack of social networks
  • Learn how to identify needs around dealing with fear and trauma to provide better mental health support
  • Learn how to open a conversation about tolerance, compassion and enthusiastic consent
  • Acquire planning ideas around employment and career development
Saturday, May 11, 2024
Empowering Newcomers: What does it take?
  • Understand the issues and barriers that newcomers face
  • Learn how to create independence rather than dependence through listening to newcomer need
  • Learn how to develop social capital as an employment tool
  • Explore the importance of networking and how to do it
  • Understand the value of community involvement and participation
  • Consider tools & techniques to support problem-solving, and making decisions 
Saturday, September 21, 2024
Understanding Education Needs & Challenges
  • Learn about cultural challenges around societal issues and supports needed
  • Identify solutions around approaches when newcomers have no formal education: explore where to begin when adult newcomers have no formal education or English
  • Explore what is required around providing for Special Needs children of newcomers
  • Learn how to prepare newcomers for licensing in Canada’s professions
  • Learn how to process education documents for newcomers who are licensed professionals in their country of origin
  • Determine how to assist adult newcomers in getting a high school education and diploma
Saturday, November 9, 2024
Government Support for Newcomers
  • Identify and know how to access government tax credits of particular benefit to newcomers, e.g., the child tax credit.
  • Identify and access a variety of health care programmes geared to newcomers.
  • Assist newcomers to apply for social assistance programmes (e.g., Ontario Works) that may be required for ongoing financial support.
Lunch & Learns

Sponsors possess considerable knowledge from work and lived experience. Together, in discussion, they address issues and problems sponsor groups face in working toward best practice.  With the help of a resource person and a moderator, they get to the heart of the challenge and offer each other practical solutions in an online, one-hour discussion where they quickly gain new knowledge or confirm they are on the right track in their decision-making.


To register for a Lunch & Learn, from 12 noon – 1:00 pm, watch for our flyers and send us an email to

Wednesday, January 17, 2024
The Benefits of Engaging Youth in Community
  • Learn how to create opportunities for youth to express themselves
  • Discuss how you can help young people build skills and networks
  • Identify how to improve social-emotional well-being
  • Explore the importance of volunteering
  • Learn about the benefits of the arts and sports in community engagement
Wednesday, March 20, 2024
Building Trust: the benefits
  • Understand why it is important in settlement practice
  • Identify behaviours both individually and collectively that lead to trust
  • Learn how to respond and/or act in any situation
  • Develop competency and consistency
Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Managing Expectations: Why and How

  • Learn how to listen actively and compromise
  • Create space for consideration
  • Be realistic and understanding
  • Acknowledge the positives and understand limitations
Wednesday, October 25, 2024
Resolving Conflict: Open communication
  • Learn to communicate clearly
  • Practice active listening without interrupting
  • Learn to review options, look for solutions that benefit everyone
  • Explore how to create a win/win situation

We have developed a mentorship program that is now ready for pilot testing, to assist new sponsors in Ontario. If you are looking for help in best practice, this is the program for you..

Mentoring is a supportive partnership based on trust and respect, where experienced mentors share their knowledge and experience with those they mentor. A mentor is not expected to be an expert, a social worker, or settlement professional, but some one who has walked the walk, is a good problem-solver based on practical life experience. Being a mentor means leading the way to best practice providing insight learned through his/her own sponsorship experience.

If you want to learn more about our program and how you can participate in the pilot project, contact us at

Resource Directory
Sponsors have identified a need for an online resource directory tailored to their needs that would zero-in on what they are looking for. Work is underway to develop a regional Ontario directory that will be available likely in Spring 2024.
Toward Best Practice
Sponsors are always striving toward best practice in settlement. A task group is now working on easy-to-use best practice guides on a variety of topics to be available in Spring 2024.
Connections, a quarterly news blog
Take a look under the Connections menu tab for our quarterly newsletter that is prepared by sponsors for sponsors providing helpful information addressing settlement issues and other relevant PRSN updates and stories.
Participation in Research

If you are interested in evidence-based research, we encourage sponsors and those they sponsor to participate in research studies conducted by Ontario universities to determine best practice in settlement. Get in touch with us at and we will tell you how you can participate.


We share specific information with Network participants through regular emails. When you have something that might benefit others, you are encouraged to send it to, and we will pass the information along to Network participants.


If you are trying to solve a particular problem or challenge, or reach someone who has direct experience with a specific challenge you are facing, let us know by sending an email to  We will do our best to connect you with a member who can help.