Training & Workshops

We offer issues-focussed training to private refugee sponsors that they identify as critical to their settlement of newcomers. These are free, two-hour, online workshops to address issues such as cultural impact, housing, healthcare, education, employment strategies, language training, financial planning as well as child protection, mental health issues and more.

All workshops run from 10:00 am – 12:00 noon on a Saturday with an opportunity to connect and learn through formal training followed by joining a breakout room at the conclusion of the event. To register for our events, watch for our flyers and send us an email at

Understanding Education Needs & Challenges
Saturday, September 21, 2024

– Learn about cultural challenges around societal issues and supports needed
– Identify solutions around approaches when newcomers have no formal education: explore where to begin when adult newcomers have no formal education or English
– Explore what is required around providing for Special Needs children of newcomers
– Determine how to assist adult newcomers in getting a high school education and diploma

Government Support for Newcomers
Saturday, November 9, 2024

– Identify and know how to access government tax credits of particular benefit to newcomers, e.g., the child tax credit
– Identify and access a variety of health care programmes geared to newcomers
– Assist newcomers to apply for social assistance programmes (e.g., Ontario Works) that may be required for ongoing financial support

Lunch & Learns

Sponsors possess considerable knowledge from work and lived experience. Together, in discussion, they address issues and problems sponsor groups face in working toward best practice.  With the help of a resource person and a moderator, they get to the heart of the challenge and offer each other practical solutions in an online, one-hour discussion where they quickly gain new knowledge or confirm they are on the right track in their decision-making.

To register for a Lunch & Learn, from 12 noon – 1:00 pm, on a Wednesday, watch for our flyers and send us an email to

Resolving Conflict: Open communication
Wednesday, October 23, 2024

– Learn to communicate clearly
– Practice active listening without interrupting
– Learn to review options, look for solutions that benefit everyone
– Explore how to create a win/win situation

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