Hone your Settlement Skills – Workshops and Lunch & Learns

Anneli Andre Barrett

Anneli Andre Barrett

PRSN began its life responding to your needs for connection, learning and sharing, as well as for the development of training to meet your specified needs at no cost to you. We know that you want to do the best job possible. So, take advantage by attending the following events offered in May and June.


May 13, 2023 – Learning a New Language: What does it take?


A two-hour, online Saturday skills development workshop at 10:00 am with key experts who will provide a new way of exploring language learning and how you can better help newcomers achieve their goals for success. Participation gives you access to our drop box of post workshop reference materials.


June 21, 2023 – Cultural Sensitivity for Effective Settlement


A one-hour, online Wednesday, Lunch & Learn event at 12:00 noon, where you will learn key points about the topic and then share your experiences with other sponsors to learn what has worked well and what has not. Leave with take home ideas you can implement with your own sponsor group and its work. Want to register? The flyers will be out soon, but you can register early by sending an email to info@refugeesponsornet.ca