Knowledgeable and well-trained sponsors are key to successful settlement. Newcomers who are sponsored benefit from the personal relationships established and the lived experience of those who sponsor them. Research demonstrates that sponsored newcomers integrate much faster into Canadian life.


We offer online workshops addressing issues identified by private sponsors. Since 2016, sponsors have improved best practice in settlement through workshops addressing housing challenges, understanding cultural differences, health and well-being, employment strategies, assessing education, ESL, citizenship barriers and incentives, among others. Participants appreciate the practical tips, expert advice and counsel, and input from individuals with lived experience.  They come to the workshops with questions and leave with information to better support those they sponsor. They learn about pitfalls to avoid, and access new ideas and new resources.

Workshop registration 30 days prior to a workshop date.

Our 2022 series of workshops include:

Saturday, February 26, 10:00 am — 12:00 noon

Addressing settlement challenges in small and/or rural communities

  • Two-hour online workshop focused on generating new thinking around problem-solving
  • Learn more about how to find solutions and link to broader resources
  • Explore issues such as housing, transportation, ESL and employment
  • Join a breakout room following the workshop to connect, learn and share
Saturday, May 14, 10:00 am – 12 noon

Affordable Housing for Newcomers

  • A two-hour online workshop focused on how to search for and secure housing that is financially viable for sponsorship groups in the first year and sustainable for newcomers at Month 13 and beyond
  • Explore new and alternative solutions
  • Join a breakout room following the workshop to connect, learn and share
Saturday, September 24, 10:00 am – 12:00 noon

Financial Planning for Newcomers

  • A two-hour online workshop focused on helping newcomers become financially confident
  • Learn best practices for financial management
  • Understand how to provide guidance when funds are limited, while recognizing personal autonomy
  • Acquire the tools to open the conversation around creating and managing family budgets
  • Identify community resources for preparing tax returns
  • Join a breakout room following the workshop to connect, learn and share
Saturday, November 12, 10:00 AM – 12:00 noon

Addressing Cultural Issues in Parenting Styles

  • A two-hour online workshop focused on better understanding the culture and the legal implications of parenting in Canada
  • Learn how to remain respectful of newcomers’ parenting styles while helping them understand child protection in Canada
  • Acquire tools to open the conversation about family dynamics
  • Join a breakout room following the workshop to connect, learn and share

We are working on the development of a mentorship program, to be launched in Fall 2022, to serve the needs of new sponsors. Sponsors have identified a need for this kind of service to assist in their effective settlement of newcomers.


Mentoring involves a special kind of caring, supportive relationship or partnership between two people, or two organizations, that is based on trust and respect. Mentors share their knowledge and experience with those they mentor. They help them define their goals and address issues of immediate need or longer-range challenges.


A mentor is not expected to be a social worker, or settlement professional, but some one who has walked the walk, is a good problem-solver based on life experience. Being a mentor means finding the way to best practice without making too many wrong turns. It is providing insight learned through experience.

Lunch & Learn

Sponsors have suggested creating an online opportunity to address immediate need so they can quickly gain new knowledge or confirm they are on the right track in their decision-making. Table talk is an effective learning tool where sponsors, led by an expert facilitator, can share experiences around what works best in effective settlement.


Lunch & Learn launch is planned for Fall 2022 with events offered between our quarterly workshops.

Resource Directory

Sponsors have identified a need for an online resource directory tailored to their needs that would zero-in on what they are looking for. In collaboration with the refugee sector, this offering is planned for launch in 2023.


We share specific information with Network participants through regular emails. When you have something that might benefit others, you are encouraged to send it to, and we will pass the information along to members. We send you information of interest as often as we receive it, highlighting upcoming events or the latest research.


If you are looking for a mentor, or someone who has direct experience with a specific challenge you are facing, let us know by sending an email to  We will do our best to connect you with a member who can help.