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Sourcing mattresses from Sleep Country Canada

Private sponsors are always looking for bed sets to accommodate newcomer arrivals as they furnish a new home to welcome families or individuals.

Sleep Country Canada has agreed to provide the Private Refugee Support Network (Ontario) with the opportunity to source mattresses and foundations through the Sleep Country Bed Donation Program throughout Ontario. These pre-owned mattresses and foundations donated to local charities are thoroughly inspected and in good condition. Send your request to the Sleep Country CARES Inbox: The Sleep Country CARES team will review the request and ensure it goes to the proper distribution centre in Ontario. You will need to include the family’s or individual’s location and the number of sleep sets, size of mattress(es) and/or foundations required.

Someone from your sponsor group needs to coordinate the pick-up from the Sleep Country distribution centre or affiliated partner.

TD Leads the Way in Solving Banking Issues

TD Bank, in partnership with Private Refugee Sponsorship Network (PRSN), is addressing a significant issue faced by G5 sponsor groups across Ontario. As a G5 sponsor if you need to set up an account to hold funds raised, TD might make your life a little easier. A savings or chequing account held by two sponsors along with a banking letter should be all you need. Banks are concerned about crowdfunding by sponsor groups and that kind of fundraising raises red flags for bank employees unfamiliar with the process.

TD is establishing new processes and training in all its branches in Ontario. As a sponsor group, you should now be able to easily open the necessary accounts.

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