What’s New: A Message from Marika

Marika Elek

Marika Elek

We now have a whole year of CONNECTIONS under our belt!  Last April was our first edition and it’s amazing how much has been achieved since then. And, there’s more to look forward to – a new website with all the bells and whistles, [see the story by Jen Kett], results of our second research survey on relationship building [see the stories by Bill Croson and Jemima Sabapathy], more workshops and lunch & learns to keep our skills in good shape from our Training Committees. Our Services Committee is working on several projects – the development of practice guidelines and a regional service provider directory – for inclusion on the new site. The mentorship program you asked for is now underway, first as a pilot project to ensure that it meets all our needs. 


Don’t forget that we need your input into CONNECTIONS; we want to hear what you want included and how we can shape the future of this newsletter. You can find all our blog articles in one place at www.refugeesponsornet.ca/blog.


And, there is even more to come, we are focusing on the development of training modules based on our workshops and lunch & learns to be posted to the site; it may take a little more time, but we are getting there. Watch for the relaunch of our website in late May.


If you’re eager to contribute to our achievements and make a difference to those we are settling, consider joining our committees. Reach out to us at info@refugeesponsornet.ca – your involvement makes a lasting impact.


Thank you for everything you are doing in settling newcomers in your communities.


Connections – April 2024