Help Us Pilot Test PRSN’s New Mentorship Program

Jasper Miller

Jasper Miller

Are you a good listener, can you build trust, are you willing to share your experience? 

You might be exactly the person we are looking for to participate in a pilot project launching this month to test PRSN’s mentorship program. We need a few people who can test the process to ensure it best meets the needs of sponsors.  Once tested, and any necessary changes made, PRSN will be able to offer this service throughout the province.

Mentoring reflects a voluntary partnership between two individuals or groups to support personal development and growth. It is an ongoing learning experience that can be formal or informal, last for months or only a few weeks, depending on what is needed. Mentors are trusted advisors and role models who create a supportive learning environment, share personal experience and insight, and help problem solve to ensure success.

We are looking for potential mentors who have significant experience, can probe issues; people, who can build trust and have the ability to transfer their knowledge based on experience.

Mentoring for PRSN might reflect two options – group to group mentoring around group dynamics, as well as, individual mentoring around issues such as how to find housing, how to refer health issues, how to get an education assessment, among others.  We hope to make matches around geographical location, but mentoring can be done online as well.

We will share details soon about how to apply to be a pilot project mentor, or, if you are first-time sponsor, you may want to be considered as a pilot project mentee.

But, in the meantime, if you have the experience to mentor, or the need to be mentored, contact Barbara Sheffield, volunteer administrator,, and she will put you on the first to know list.