News That Can Use a Reminder: Sleep Country’s Donated Bed Program

We know that with the current inflation pressures, sponsors need their resources to stretch further than ever and that’s why we want to remind you about a terrific no-cost solution to help!

Sleep Country has generously agreed to provide the Private Refugee Support Network (Ontario) with the opportunity to source mattresses and foundations through the Sleep Country Bed Donation Program throughout Ontario.

The program provides donated, pre-owned mattresses and foundations to local charities through Sleep Country’s Bed Donation Program. All mattresses are thoroughly inspected through the Clean Sleep program and if the item is in good condition and passes inspection, it will be donated to charity. If for any reason it does not pass inspection, these items will be recycled.

To have your request for a donated mattress and/or foundation reviewed for eligibility, please send your request to the Sleep Country CARES Inbox: The Sleep Country CARES team will review the request and ensure it goes to the proper distribution centre or affiliated partner in Ontario.

Please provide the following information in your email to the CARES team: 1) Referred by the Private Refugee Support Network 2) Location where the refugee family and or individual will reside. 3) The number of sleep sets and size of the mattress(es) and or foundation(s) required. As a sponsor, you or someone from your group will need to coordinate the pick-up of the preowned mattress and/or foundation from the Sleep Country distribution centre or affiliated partner.

We hope you are as excited about this partnership as we are, and we are so fortunate to be able to provide newcomers to Canada with a “Good Night’s Sleep”.

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