What’s New: A Message from Chair of the Board

Marika Elek

Marika Elek

As we proudly present the fourth edition of Connections, we find ourselves reflecting on a remarkable year filled with stories and information to support your sponsorship journey and deepen your connection with PRSN. Time flies, doesn’t it?


We want to continue to evolve this newsletter and your feedback is crucial to getting it right. Our editorial team is eager to hear your suggestions and is preparing a reader survey to capture your insights and help us shape the future of Connections. More to come on this soon!


Additional exciting developments are underway to extend our digital reach. Our Marketing & Communications Committee, enriched with new talent, is actively crafting a new website and online training modules, set to launch in Spring 2024.

As always, we’re continuing to identify and try to secure operational and project funding to help us expand our work, and identify experienced volunteers to implement projects. The good news is that we have found an experienced, retired human resources professional to launch our mentorship pilot project this month. Learn more about this and our other 2024 training opportunities in this issue of Connections, or online at www.refugeesponsornet.ca.


Behind the scenes, our service committee is working on a regional resource directory and “Striving toward Best Practice” guideline sheets.


If you’re eager to contribute or discuss post-arrival challenges, consider joining our committees. Reach out to us at info@refugeesponsornet.ca – your involvement makes a lasting impact.


Thank you for your ongoing support!


Connections – January 2024