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Marika Elek

Marika Elek

Welcome to our third issue of Connections. The summer has been a time for rest and re-generation but work has continued on a number of fronts. We held our second annual general meeting in September with the year’s achievements outlined in our annual report, which can be accessed at https://refugeesponsornet.ca/annual-reports/, or you may already have received a link to it through one of our MailChimp messages. Of particular note is the wonderful special gift we received from an international law firm Reed Smith, toward our ongoing work.

Take a moment to read the report; your committees have been hard at work on your behalf. There is one learning offering before calendar year-end that is outlined in this issue. The Board is beginning some new work on a Theory of Change document that should position us well to begin raising operational and project funding from government, corporations and foundations in addition to seeking individual gifts.

If you have any questions or comments, send me an email at info@refugeesponsornet.ca. As chair of the board, I am happy to answer them.

Connections – October 2023