Wholesale Refugee & Transitional Housing Supplies in Canada

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Barbara Sheffield

Sponsors are always looking for household items for setting up new homes for newcomers when they do not receive them as donations. You may want to learn more about Canada’s favourite discount wholesaler, the Bargains Group, that offers a huge variety of refugee and newcomer supplies including blankets, household items, medical first aid kits, and clothes at up to 80% off.

According to Jody Steinhauer, CBO, she loves helping the refugee/newcomer sector and says she has so many ways to share with anyone who is helping in the sector. Pioneering her belief that “giving back” makes good business sense, Jody is a tireless not-for-profit advocate and founder of a national charity, Engage and Change.

If you do not see what you are looking for on the website — https://www.bargainsgroup.com/ —  get in touch at 1 877 868-5655 or email info@bargainsgroup.com. The Bargains Group will find the stock that will fulfill your need.  While headquartered in Toronto, it will ship orders anywhere in Canada, or if you are in the GTA, you can choose to pick up your order.

Take a look and see if it works for you.

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