Honing Your Settlement Skills

Bill Revington

Bill Revington

Throughout the year, using Zoom, PRSN offers a series of two-hour, Saturday morning, free workshops and one-hour Wednesday Lunch & Learn events designed to help people like you and me navigate the choppy waters of sponsorship. We tap experts in a range of relevant subject matter and draw on the incredible experience of other sponsors to help us build our skill set. And, we frequently bring in the newcomer voice to help us decide what works and to build empathy and inspiration out of the newcomer experience.

Protect our upcoming training dates in your calendar now.

You know your sponsorship ends after twelve months. How do you know you’ve covered all the bases with those you are sponsoring? If you have doubts, or want to do your “due diligence”, then you should attend Planning for Month 13 on September 23. You’ll get a sense of what really matters as newcomers begin their life in Canada, and how you and your group can prepare for that important day. 

In the October 18 Lunch & Learn offering, Dealing with Racism, you can learn what to do when racism and xenophobia rear their ugly heads. How do you react, without making matters worse and without creating fear, but ensuring safety?

Are you aware of the signs and symptoms of trauma? And, how trauma manifests across the cultural divide? On November 4, the workshop Recognizing Behaviours That Might Indicate Trauma should be a must for all of us to be more aware of when and how to refer our concerns to the experts.

Planning is underway now for 2024. Let us know what topics would be helpful to ensure more effective and efficient settlement. Send your ideas to info@refugeesponsornet.ca and our Skills Development Committee will consider your needs.

Don’t forget to register for these events left in 2023, when the flyer hits your inbox. Join us to connect, learn and share.