Will IRCC requirements increase for constituent groups?

by David Curtis

Many private sponsors whose work relates to sponsorship agreement holders (SAHs) have been hearing about a new IRCC framework for SAHs and are wondering what impact it might have on constituent groups particularly around new evaluation and administrative requirements. The IRCC additional requirements stem from the development of a new program integrity and assurance process (PIF). The program was developed to ensure more accountability from SAHs as well as documenting that the needs of refugee newcomers who are privately sponsored are being met through their settlement sponsors.

There had been concern expressed around pre-arrival verifications and post-arrival monitoring. It is expected that SAHs may require more documentation from constituent groups around financial management and upfront fundraising timelines to better align with best practice and financial monitoring requirements. Overall impact is yet to be determined. But safe to say, private sponsor groups are going to have to ensure excellent record keeping and demonstrate that they are meeting the needs of those they sponsor. Might there be a role here for private sponsors through PRSN to develop an evaluation process or outcome measurement as part of Month 13 preparation that would allow those who are sponsored to evaluate the experience, to highlight what has gone well, and identify how the sponsor group could improve outcomes. It could become a best practice tool. Let us know, at info@refugeesponsornet.ca, if your group could use this kind of tool to measure outcomes or whether you have already created one for your own use and would be willing to share it.