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Marika Elek

Marika Elek

Here we are with our second issue of CONNECTIONS to keep you up-to-date on the latest activities and issues of the day. Our thanks to everyone who sent congratulations and good wishes on the launch in April. In this issue you will learn about IRCC requirements for constituent groups, some key points about how to coach newcomers in learning a new language, and how we all need to learn more about cultural sensitivity. We are also featuring two more committees and Since you Asked will address the Interim Federal Health Benefit. The Board has been discussing trust versus accounts in trust at banks, along with a help request from an organization called Haven.

In addition, we welcomed two new directors in May from the settlement sector who will help shape our decision-making. A special welcome to Bonnie Hunter, the Executive Director of North York Community House, and Jemima Sabapathy, Chief Executive of CultureLink. They join the following board members who are responsible for governance and accountability to you as private sponsors:

Marika Elek, Chair of the Board, Sponsor
The Beach Cares (faith-based SAH link)

Karen Scott, Vice President, Sponsor
Islington United Church Refugee Support (faith-based SAH link)

Aurelie Olives, Secretary-Treasurer, Business Sector
Consulting Partner, PwC Canada

Dima Amad, Settlement Sector
Executive Director, Arab Community Centre Toronto

William Croson, Sponsor
Group of Five and Constituent groups (faith-based and community SAH links)

Christie MacDonald, Bank of Montreal, Business Sector
Bank of Montreal and sponsor (linked to faith-based SAH)

Darrell Pinto, Sponsor
Group of Five and Employment Director, Career JumpStart

Sieg Will, Business Sector
Retired Vice-President, Sleep Country Canada

And, we say goodbye and thanks for the contribution made by outgoing directors Mustafa Alio and Ruba Bilal. We know they will always be close by for advice and counsel. We are stronger working together and we encourage your participation on committees to help us become the voice of private sponsors – the go-to resource for connection, learning and sharing.