Re-Settlement Plus –a new research collection platform

Bill Croson

Bill Croson

Want to learn more about settlement and refugee protection? Take a look at Re-Settlement Plus, a new research collection platform developed by University of Ottawa and the University of Toronto, that collects resources about resettlement, community-based refugee or private refugee sponsors, family reunification along with education and employment pathways. It is supported by our Knowledge Exchange Committee, that I chair.

The platform aims to share as much knowledge about the different avenues to protection as possible to a wide audience, as accessibly as possible. The database is constantly developing and welcomes users to submit material to build a collaborative database.

“Resettlement Plus is new and growing. We aspire to be the go-to resource for resettlement and related pathways to refugee protection”, said Dr. Audrey Macklin, a Canadian Scholar of Immigration law, University of Toronto, who is a member of the PRSN Knowledge Exchange committee.” To the best of our knowledge, it is the first knowledge platform dedicated entirely to these themes, and we welcome contributions, feedback, and ideas.”  

Resettlement Plus informs and connects people interested in learning about avenues for refugee protection: researchers, policymakers, practitioners, civil society, sponsors and frontline workers. The site shares knowledge from experts in a range of countries and welcome users with different experiences, including people from communities affected by displacement.  If you want to discover more about resettlement and other third country avenues for refugee protection, this site is for you!