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Marika Elek

Marika Elek

Now that the Network has reached its second birthday since incorporation, it is time to create a news vehicle that lets you know what the committees are doing. We want to encourage your participation in growing the Network.

Let me introduce you to CONNECTIONS, a quarterly news vehicle to connect us, help us share information and problem-solve when we face difficult issues. We aim to bring you Network information, thoughtful pieces on issues facing sponsors, how we can work together better with settlement agencies and SAHs, among others. You might have ideas for information exchange, for summaries of potential research projects, or maybe even want to write a story.

CONNECTIONS is a work in progress so you can help in shaping what it can be.

So, let’s connect, learn and share. Let’s collaborate, let’s create partnerships, let’s help each other do the best job possible in private refugee settlement.

Your voice counts.