The Trades: Significant Opportunities for Employment

David Curtis

David Curtis

Do you know that the most in-demand jobs in Ontario these days can be found in the trades? These jobs need to be filled to keep our economy humming.  About one in five new jobs in Ontario are expected to be in trades-oriented occupations by 2025. Nearly one in three journey persons in Ontario are 55 years or older.  In construction alone, more than 100,000 additional workers will be needed over the next decade.

But, where do we find the people to fill those jobs? Can we help those we sponsor access the trades? What do we need to know and learn?  

PRSN offered a workshop in February to answer those questions.  Warren Barbour, Director, Registration Services, Skilled Trades Ontario, told us about the more than 140 careers in the trades, some compulsory, others non-compulsory, and congratulated us on the work we are doing as sponsors to assist newcomers in finding answers about employment. 

Mohammad, a newcomer to Canada, provided his own personal journey that demonstrated how as an architect he was able to access the trades as a millwright.  He was able to leverage the knowledge he brought with him to Canada and transfer it to a job where he is now able to support his family.  He is currently writing the certifying exam and speaks highly of the process that has ensured a successful settlement in Canada.

While the job list of in-demand trades may change from month to month, the current in-demand trades are welder, industrial technician, millwright, painter and decorator, and cook.

According to Lori, a sponsor at Fairlawn Avenue United Church, “this was an incredibly informative training session. Warren’s wealth of information was more than helpful, and along with Mohammad’s personal experience, the entire session was powerful.”

If someone you sponsor is interested in an apprenticeship program, he/she needs to be employed in one of the skilled trades to apply.  The key benefit is that you learn while you earn; an individual can get experience and in-school training.

To drill down into the requirements for various trades, to learn about what might work for those you sponsor, explore the entire skilled trades Ontario website.